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Cupcake Open House

What is a cupcake open house you ask?? To fully explain it, we need some history. Back in 2008, the EA troops were up and running and the first Emily's Army website was already built. The Angles Care 65 Roses Golf Classic was running smoothly and the walk teams were gathering every year. One of the troops wanted to start a new Emily's Army event to help spread the word. That May, with the excuse of an upcoming birthday to throw a party, the first annual Emily's Army Cupcake Open House was born. Each year over 250 invites are mailed out and upwards of 500 cupcakes are baked. Better yet--all 500 cupcakes are consumed!!! Friends and friends of friends are invited to find out bit about CF, meet people involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Organization, and help fund a cure for this relentless disease. It is just one of the many ways that people can gather and do something fun for a good cause. Within a few short years, an even larger and much more successful event called The Pipeline to a Cure would be born with many of the same people taking part. But the cupcake open house remains a signature event of Emily's Army with over $90,000 raised while eating cupcakes.